Korean style oden

○Then cook your choice of ingredients
○Bonito flakes
○Kombu seaweed
○Green chills
○Soy sauce
○Seasoned soy sauce

In a cold season, we want to eat something warm, don’t we?
“Oden” – everybody’s favorite hot pot in Japan during the winter.
As a little twist, we are adding green chilis to give the spicy touch of Korea.

How to make

 ①First preparation of soup

I fill an earthen pot with water Boil dried bonito flakes, kombu seaweed, green chills and Kitchento-tsukau.
A point is kitchento-tsukau.
Add this to make it taste better with rich flavor.

When the water boils, remove dried bonito flakes and kombu seaweed,
then add soy sauce, salt and seasoned soy sauce to your taste.

②Then cook your choice of ingredients
Next topping material is prepared.
Ajikakusi is sprinkled.
If soup boils, topping material will be put in.

Mana’s Recipe Youtube動画配信中!!

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