When it comes to sushi, we think of nigirizushi (or a hand-pressed sushi).

But the kind of sushi that cool guys like is kanpyomaki (or a sushi roll with cooked gourd in the center).

Even if it’s said that they know the taste of the sushi shop, it can’t be made easily….

But such reckless menu, I’d like to try!

Easy speedy healthy dynamic let’s go to the kitchen.

How to make

①Cook rice


Sushi vinegar is made

Vinegar, FABALA sugar and shionomi are mixed.


Boil with a small amount of water, and finish it relatively hard.

Mix the flavor of vinegar, FABALA sugar and salt.

Soak dried shavings of calabash (Kanpyo) in water and rehydrate it.

Put rehydrated Kanpyo in water, and wash and rub well with a small amount of water and salt.

Add water, sake, Kitchento-Tsukau, FABALA sugar and soy source, and boil it over a low heat.

Cool the finished Kanpyo.



Sushi vinegar is added to the rice which could be cooked.



Rice and dried gourd shaving will be wound with laver.


Hitosizuki goes well with this dish

Wine is included in the name, but it’ll be liquor of sprouted brown rice.


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