Teriyaki pork


  • Pig fillet
  • Eggplant
  • Mini Tomato(For garnish)


Everyone likes very much, teriyaki chicken! A little, by an arrangement.

Teriyaki pork is made using pork fillet this time.

Meatier taste than chicken but yet healthy as it is fillet.

How to make

①Mise en place

First it’s cut in the bite size of the cutting into chunks from eggplant of a garnish.

And it’s pickled in water which removes harshness.

Pig fillet is cut in the bite size.

Ajikakusi is sprinkled on the cut ingredients.


②Sauce Making

Next sauce, teriyaki is made.

Kitchento-Tsukau, liquor, soy sauce and fabala sugar are mixed instead of sweet rice cooking wine.



Please put salad oil to a heated frying pan.

First eggplant will be fried.

If eggplant is being cooked, cut pork is put in.

If I put in teriyaki sauce and make them boil up if a baking eye comes with pork, it’ll be completed.


A dish and the liquor put together are fabala beer.


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