120ml 867JPY (excluding tax)


Simply as a juice

Sweet though sweetener such as sugar and honey is not contained at all!
There is a soft sweetness in a refreshing taste, I feel nostalgic.
And feel like new.

Favorite taste from children to adults!
A main raw material is sprouted brown rice, sprouted brown rice koji and water.
In fat matter 0, essential amino-acid 9 kind entering.
Without the time of finish water addition.


Drink it all at once, or drink it in sips, as you like.
I'm recommending to drink straight, but it's OK to mix it with soda. (If a lid is lifted, it's to a refrigerator.)
A soft drink of the new taste we don't have by now is the one made from germination brown rice.

To maintain physical strength and concentration of sports for a long time such as golf, baseball and tennis.
On the night when hard work was done.
On the day came back from a business trip.
On the day before a busy day.
Good when you want to improve sleep quality.