25g(5g×5) 680JPY(excluding tax)

Sono un barista Caffè Borsa

Roasted coffee in just 2.5g teabags

Not-instant! Fresh-coffee! Everyone can easily make delicious coffee.
Quick coffee-bag “Sono un barista Caffè Borsa”.
A refreshing bitter and exquisite rich taste and elegant fragrance make you the best time instantly!
The tiny 5g net contents deliver the experience of a genuine brew complete with the natural aroma of the beans.


Café Borsa is like a cup of coffee brewed from raw beans.
The brew in the mug looks distinctly green around the rim. It also has the sweet aroma of raw beans.
In other words, the brew, made of roasted beans, has the flavor of raw coffee. The drink does not have any distinct aroma of roasted beans. FABALA’s technology enables this.

Allow the sophisticated flavor and aroma to immerse you in a gorgeous coffee break at home.
It does not just complement bread. It goes well with rice balls, too.
You can enjoy the flavor even if you are not big on coffee, as it does not strike your taste buds or linger in your mouth.