3,000JPY (excluding tax)

Sprouted brown rice koji stick

Simply nutritious!

Coarse powder made of sprouted brown rice and sprouted brown rice malt.

Sprouted brown rice malt is now available in handy sticks!

Contains 9 essential amino acids.

30 for 1 box is packed in bags.

On a busy day, to balance the body.

To make the best travel with the best condition.

Sprouted brown rice koji stick containing nine essential amino acids will be your travel essential item.

How to use Sprouted brown rice koji stick



When you go out on business trips or traveling.
Because it is a stick type it is convenient to carry!
Body care on the day of continued dining out on business trips!
Even before meals and after meals!
Before drinking, even after drinking. It is okay to drink with alcohol.
I have not had the pain of the next day after drinking too much!
A refreshing morning to you.
To increase concentration before negotiations.
When playing golf.
Increase your focus with the power of essential amino acids.

<How to eat recommended>
◇Into yogurt.
◇Into salad.
◇Along with coffee after meals.