We can brew delicious wine from sprouted brown rice!
In 2007, our president’s idea led to the launch of the Hitoshizuki series, our first commercialized sprouted rice wine.
Today, we have expanded the range of our products from seasoning and coffee to cosmetics.
Each day, we can make your everyday life a new one.
We reach out to customers across the world with this new lifestyle.

Are you enjoying your daily life?
If you are not satisfied now, that is because your mind is not rich.
In order to enrich your mind, you need to
eat, drink, touch and feel well-balanced products.

Even if you are doing the same things day after day, your body and soul feel different every day.
Eat and drink well-balanced items your body seeks.
And, experience what calms your mind.
your days will inevitably become joyful.
All of FABALA’s products are well-balanced
They are always  “well-balanced” so do not stress out your body.
That is because the products are based on our proprietary technology
the balance is enabled by our new concept of the temperature and time
difference during the production prosses.
Why don’t you feel this unprecedented sensation by using our products?


FABALA combines oil and water through the “technology of the present,” or cold fusion.

“The present” we recognize is actually the word. Therefore, when we say “now”, we refer to the past.
“The present” is the existence. It has no past or future. It has no beginning or ending.
In “the present,” nothing is isolated.
On the other hand, we are controlled by the time, in which there are the past and future.
In our world, everything exists in isolation.
To unite two separated things, we need intermediates.
However, the oneness created through the work of intermediates looks united but not one.
Hence, the union we create entails reactions and side effects.
These reactions and side effects are responsible for the destruction of our bodies and the natural environment.
FABALA’s technology to unite oil and water without intermediates,
on the other hand, is under no influence of the past or the future.
It exists in the present, in which there is no beginning or ending.
Because it starts from where everything is united as one, there is hardly any room for reactions or side effects.

FABALA products are the fruits of “the present”.



About FABALA’s technology
“New time”
At Shizuoka University of Art and Culture
November 5th, 2017

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