Meuniere salmon & brown rice



Suddenly It was supposed to be friends come

I’ll make a brown rice and meuniere of salmon my friends.

Because, my friends not taking a good meal. Recently a lot eating out.

How to make

①Cook the brown rice

First Prepare the yubikirigennmai.

To wash the brown rice, Put water in the larger amount only 10cc ,so ,Cook in white rice mode After 5 minutes inundation.

When the finish to sprinkle sprouted brown rice, of liquid type of sprouted brown rice koji  seasoning  kitchen touch , it finishes perfect degree of softness further.


②Mise en place

Then make a meuniere of salmon.

Sprinkle flour, herbs, sHionomi, ajikakusi to a slice of salmon.



Grill on both sides of the salmon put the butter in a frying pan-heated.


Vegetables also garnish together on your plate.

Drink along with Tbag type of coffee caffé borsa to match


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