Outdoors with FABALA

I don’t want to bring a lot of camping equipment.
I always use instant coffee when outdoors.
But I want to drink real, authentic roasted coffee!
With Fabala’s teabag coffee, you can easily carry
the taste of drip coffee to the great outdoors.


Sono un barista Caffè Borsa

Rich type of Teabag coffee
Enjoy the taste of authentic drip coffee
which is a strong, rich coffee.
Tea bag type coffee that anyone can easily make

Caffé Borsa

Light tasting Teabag coffee
This can be a quicky made coffee in a bag that
is roasted rather than instant
You can enjoy authentic and delicious coffee
even though it only weighs 2.5g

Bonfire and coffee
Relaxing in front of a campfire at night
Drinking while listening to music
Have a refreshing and relaxing time

With breakfast
Eating breakfast outside is special
Freshly baked bread and brewed coffee
Enjoy breakfast with a coffee
in the great outdoors

Camping and drinking delicious coffee
Convenient, effortless and lightweight
Items needed to prepare for
Caffe Borsa and Sono un barista Caffe Borsa
A gas stove (or camping burner)
A kettle and mug or titanium mug

Boil and pour hot water!
*Titanium mugs can be used over open flames, so you don’t need a kettle!

Bake hot sandwiches with Caffe Borsa◎

Easy to bring in your own flask

Just put a teabag into hot water
You can easily make coffee
Delicious coffee at the sea
Have a pleasurable time

Coffee that goes well with rice balls

Rice balls are the best power food
for mountain climbing!
Coffee with a gentle taste that goes well
with rice balls!

My coffee flask

The taste remains the same no matter
how long time passes
Coffee prepared in the morning will still be delicious
*Even ice coffee◎

Prepare a flask that retains heat well
Just boil hot water and add a teabag
when you want to drink it!
It’s also nice to be able to easily adjust
the taste of the coffee
either rich or lighter tasting.

Cold brewed teabag coffee

Characteristics of the taste of cold brewed coffee
It that quenches your thirst like a water
The taste is really drinkable!
The bitterness, aroma, and taste are more mellow than when brewed with boiling water
The taste does not change over time

〔how to make cold brewed coffee〕

①Pour the water all at once
   over the tea bag

②It will be brewed in 10 minutes

③You don’t need to remove
the teabag
(It will be richer, but still delicious)


Caffé Borsa / Light tasting Teabag coffee

This is a quick coffee bag that is roasted rather than instant.
Even though it only weighs 2.5g, you can enjoy authentic
and delicious coffee.
Black coffee is easy to drink and delicious!
Because the bitterness is not strong

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