FABALA combines oil and water through the “technology of the present,” or cold fusion.

“The present” we recognize is actually the word. Therefore, when we say “now”, we refer to the past.
“The present” is the existence. It has no past or future. It has no beginning or ending.
In “the present,” nothing is isolated.
On the other hand, we are controlled by the time, in which there are the past and future.
In our world, everything exists in isolation.
To unite two separated things, we need intermediates.
However, the oneness created through the work of intermediates looks united but not one.
Hence, the union we create entails reactions and side effects.
These reactions and side effects are responsible for the destruction of our bodies and the natural environment.
FABALA’s technology to unite oil and water without intermediates,
on the other hand, is under no influence of the past or the future.
It exists in the present, in which there is no beginning or ending.
Because it starts from where everything is united as one, there is hardly any room for reactions or side effects.

FABALA products are the fruits of “the present”.


When oil and water integrates,
it does not merely suggest the integration of the two elements but the oneness of energy and matter.
In other words, it is the question of whether there is a center in the relationship of
energy and matter.
The universe does not have a center.
Therefore, energy and matter faces upward.
To make it extremely simple, the apple goes up.
However, the Earth has a center.
In other words, energy and matter are separated here.
Therefore, everything needs intermedium.
Energy and matter that require intermedium faces downward.
To make it extremely simple, the apple falls down.
If energy and matter are one, the following, for example,
is true: when the glass (energy=oil) takes the form of a cup (matter=water),
the original glass (energy=oil) and the resulting cup (matter=water)
are integrated and one, and there is no center.
The only thing that exists is the fact.
When there is no center, there is no past, future,
counteraction or action between the glass (energy=oil) and the cup (matter=water).
The only thing that exists is the “now=action”.
In our science, the glass (energy=oil) and the cup (matter=water) are separated.
It has a center.
The person who created the center is the creator of the cup from the glass (intermedium).
The energy of the intermedium is the science of words (ideal) requiring the energy of the
past; the past and the future, and counteractions and actions.
It is a horizontal science.
On the other hand, the science that does not have a center, or require a intermedium, is a
vertical science, where there is no past or future (counteractions and actions).
To put it in the words of our world with forms, it is not a contradiction of the front and
reverse sides with a center but the infinity without the reverse side.

Published on Nihon Keizai Shimbun on October 2013.


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