24g 972JPY(tax included)


Takeout food seasoning

The powder-type seasoning is made of koji malt of germinated brown rice.
The seasoning is designed to be added before serving to bring out the perfect balance in the dish.
Even your signature dishes taste more pleasant than usual, because the seasoning brings perfection to the balance – the essence of deliciousness.
It also moderates strong flavors when eating outside.


Because the taste of the material which it originally has comes out, even a simple seasoning can taste the dish which is one step higher.
the Vegetable crispness improves. The balance of the fat of the meat improves and it becomes juicy. Fishes and shellfishes bring out umami and sweetness even further.
Please enjoy the taste that the material originally has.

Directly sprinkle it on cooked and served dishes, e.g. lunchbox, bread, ramen noodle, curry, pasta, etc.
it does not choose dishes no matter how 
they are cooked in what style.

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