17g×5 1,430JPY(tax included)
17g×10 2,860JPY(tax included)


You will feel like you're at a resort at home!

FABALA BATH POWDER contains our original salt, so it is ideal for body care.

I try my best to go to a spa at least once a month.

But I usually like to make time for relaxation!

Fabala’s bath powder has an aquamarine aroma.

Its aroma is just like a spa visit and relaxes you!

The light powder dissolves quickly in hot water.

And when you enter the bathtub, the hot water with the bath powder wraps around your body naturally and warms you up gradually.

I recommend taking a bath at a slightly lukewarm temperature for a more relaxing experience!

~Customer review~

My body was warm instead of feeling hot after taking a bath.

The water was fine, soft, and taut. The citrus aroma was pleasant.

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