330ml 458JPY(tax included)

FABALA Beer (bottle)

A well balanced bottled beer

Light, smooth, perfectly bitter and deliciously sparkly, and it leaves a refreshing, gentle sweetness afterwards.
The beer remains flavorful throughout the pint and presents robust flavor of barley but is never too strong.
The great flavor balance is enjoyable for both beer lovers and those who do not care for beer flavor.
Enjoy it with a wine glass to sharpen the delicate flavor. Discover a beer you have never tasted before.
It goes well with a wide range of dishes but tastes particularly great with sour dishes and raw seafood.

alcohol content : 5%


Non-chemical, Non-tool – FABALA’s liquor does not cause hangover
The cause of hangover is said to be “insufficient oxygen”.
Ordinary alcoholic beverages, containing no oxygen, cause the hangover symptom if taken in excess.
FABALA’s liquors do not leave any alcoholic smell or cause hangover.
This is because of our patented technology to “combine oil and water without intermediates”, which forms the base of FABALA’s alcoholic beverages.
The use of technology may allow oxygen content in FABALA’s liquors.