350ml 409JPY(tax included)

FABALA Beer (can)

A well balanced canned beer

Smooth and refreshingly bitter aftertaste
Smooth gulp, well-balanced bitterness, and just the right amount of bubbliness are present throughout the pint.
While tasting sturdily barley, the perfect thickness and balanced flavor retain the refreshing delight in the second and third servings.
The entirely new pilsner does not fail to amaze even beer connoisseurs.
The fresh bitterness goes well with stilton cheese and blue cheese. Fresh seafood also makes a great match with the beer, as it moderates the fishy smell.

alcohol content : 5%


Non-chemical, Non-tool – FABALA’s liquor does not cause hangover
The cause of hangover is said to be “insufficient oxygen”.
Ordinary alcoholic beverages, containing no oxygen, cause the hangover symptom if taken in excess.
FABALA’s liquors do not leave any alcoholic smell or cause hangover.
This is because of our patented technology to “combine oil and water without intermediates”,
which forms the base of FABALA’s alcoholic beverages.
The use of technology may allow oxygen content in FABALA’s liquors.