300ml 5,280JPY(tax included)

Brandysyu Hitoshizuki

Brandy made from sprouted brown rice

The name of the liquor came from a sommelier’s initial remark, “is it brandy?” upon blind-tasting it. The full and stout aroma encapsulates the delicate and sophisticated elegance of a grownup. Tastes like a brandy with an Asian flair. Best sipped enjoy straight or on the roks.


Sake(Rice wine) made of sprouted brown rice
alcohol content : 17%~18%
Sake metre value (SMV) : +7.1
Acidity : 2.8
Amino acidity : 1.4
Rice-polishing ratio : 100%
Ingredients : Sprouted brown rice(Okayama prefecture,Japan)
                      Sprouted brown rice Koji(Okayama prefecture,Japan)
Net Contents : 300ml

FABALA’s sprouted brown rice wine contains nearly 3 times more amino acids than regular alcoholic beverages.
The reason is that it is based on FABALA’s technology that connects oil and water without intermediaries, so it further brings out the goodness of the ingredients and is full of nutrients.
The results of a company analysis also showed that FABALA’s sprouted brown rice wine has a significantly higher amino acid content compared to general Japanese sake’s. FABALA’s sprouted brown rice wine compared to the amino acid content of Japanese sake is as follows; Alanine (alanine aminotransferase) is 17.5 times higher, glutamate is 11.1 times higher, and other amino acids and essential amino acids also have a considerable higher content (brewery manufacturer survey)

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