2,954JPY(tax included)


Original and breathable T-shirts for all

The blend of three kinds of materials resulted in a soft and comfortable T-shirt.
Melange woodcarving brings out great shades and atmosphere.
Stretch ink is used for printing.

Long pants (pink), shorts (white), glasses Staff personal items
Polo Shirt (floral, red) gim co.,ltd



Eye-catching colors even when worn with simple outfits.
A simple and uniquely created design.
A rare handwritten stylish design.
Can match any outfit.
It is also excellent to wear as an inner layer because it is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.

Recommend for outdoor & sports


A smooth and comfortable T-shirt
It’s easy to move around, so it’s perfect for the outdoors! It is comfortable even if it touches the skin directly as an inner layer.

marine sports

A T-shirt made of a material that dries easily is useful for marine sports.
You can enjoy both fashion and comfort with stylish T-shirts.


Training and sports with a stretchy T-shirt that is easy to move. Recommended when it feels warm when worn as an inner layer in winter. I feel cool in the summer as the wind blows. Colors can be used regardless of the season. It’s comfortable to wear, so it’s a T-shirt you’ll want to wear all year round.

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