80g 3,667JPY(tax included)


Confident skin gel

All-in-one gel  combining skin lotion, milky lotion and cream with *FABALA sprouted brown rice koji extract (Moisturizing component) formulation for Men

Coating feeling isn’t sticky and is comfortable.
The carrying convenient tube type



Please apply a proper amount the whole face after face washing.
That arranges a balance of oil and water, so your skin, to the best state.
Men want to have good skin, too.
The 80g that can bring on the plane.
As an attire item of a business trip.

Stress always follows you whenever you are too busy or have to work out of your routine.
But you don’t want to show it on your face (skin). At an important business meeting, you would want to look your best.
As you age, you may also want to keep the skin condition as good as possible.
It has a refreshing and comfortable touch. Just the right level of moisture perfectly complements your skin!
FABALA Gel Tube brings out a beautifully radiating smile on your face.