Golden juice

A sprouted brown rice drink.
It has a gentle, sweet and refreshing taste with no added sweeteners

children to adults can enjoy the taste.

The main raw materials are sprouted brown rice, sprouted brown rice koji and water.
It contains 0% fat and includes 9 essential amino-acids and no extra added water after the finished production process.



※After opening, please keep refrigerated.

When is the ideal time to drink it?

Drink it for breakfast as it has
a gentle taste and it is full of nutrition.

Drink it instead of eating sweet snacks

It is a healthy and tasty drink
with no added sweeteners or preservatives.

Drink it for your health and beauty and for extra nutrition during Ramadan because it is gentle for body, natural and wholesome.

~other times to drink it~

for an energy charge
after a workout
In the evening after a hard day.

After a busy business trip.

Before a busy day.

When you want to improve your sleep quality.

AminoGO HALAL 120ml 936JPY (tax included)

120ml 936JPY (tax included)

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