150ml 1,080JPY(tax included)


Pre-cooking seasoning

Liquid-type seasoning made of koji malt of germinated brown rice


It brings out all flavors inherent in each ingredient.

In each dish, the balance in ingredients and their flavors are crucial. 

As a precooking seasoning for ingredients, it brings out the authentic flavors of meat, fish, vegetable, and fruit. 

The liquid-type seasoning is made of koji malt of germinated brown rice. 

Use a spoonful per serving. 

The amino acid seasoning made of koji malt of completely unshaven germinated brown rice does not contain added water. 



Please use it for all dishes, soup, pot dish, coffee, tea etc. soup stock.
will draw out the taste of originally (nostalgic) ingredients.


Please put it in your favorite timing.
Even if you put it in the finished dish or in the cooking finish, you can put it in hot water or water to boil the ingredients.