290g 950JPY(tax included)

FABALA Mayonnaise

Whipped mayonnaise

FABALA Mayonnaise instantaneously brings out the moisture (flavors inherent in ingredients) contained in fruit, vegetable, and meat and transforms texture.
The mayonnaise also has the deliciously flavor of well-balanced sourness and sweetness.
Major international brands are also keenly interested and amazed at the unique features of FABALA Mayonnaise.
FABALA Mayonnaise upgrades the flavor and texture of ingredients in dishes.
22% of the salt ingredient contained in the product is “Shio-no-mi (Flavor of Salt)”, a kind of salt exclusively developed for mayonnaise.


Add it while you cook to make it taste like a professional chef’s cooking.
Dipping it directly on ingredients to bring out their natural flavors enhanced with richness.

Can be used for various dishes.
For example, it can be used as an oil for stir-fry or sweets.

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