350g 2,106JPY(tax included)

FABALA Multi Coffee

Mild but rich tasting

Our patent brings out the real coffee taste
and flavor, our coffee is neither strong nor
bitter, but a milder taste.
Buyers and tasters asked us if our coffee
contains sugar, of course our coffee doesnʼt,
it is the ʻrealʼ taste of coffee including nutrition.


Its aroma is nothing like existing coffees!
Aromas of sourness and bitterness stand out, as if just smelling it feels like drinking it.
The deliciously aromatic coffee tastes great whether served hot or cold.
The medium ground coffee is a blend of Indonesian Mandarin and Brazilian Santos.
As a treat to your office guests, or for your own relaxation in a lazy weekend morning…
The great flavor balance is also enjoyable as espresso.

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