300ml 5,500JPY(tax included)

流岩 SG

Double flavored golden sake

SASUGA by FABALA uses sake (rice wine) made from completely unpolished sprouted brown rice grains and Zeshin, our refined sake made from brown rice polished just by 15%. After carefully leaving the blend to mature, the liquor turns golden, the color of rice fields ready for harvest. The liquid is the fruit of the mother nature. It tastes dramatically different when served alone from when it accompanies meals. Enjoy the two distinct flavors. Ladies may prefer the flavor when served without food. Gentlemen would love its aromatic harmony when it accompanies a meal.


sprouted brown rice + Japanese sake alcohol content : 16%~17% Sake metre value (SMV) : +3 Acidity : 1.4 Amino acidity :1.0

Rich time for outdoor

With meals at camp

Can be drank around a campfire.
Accompanied with camp food or drank for a relaxing time after meals in front of a lantern. So, enjoy the changing flavors of our sake.

FABALA’s sprouted brown rice wine contains nearly 3 times more amino acids than regular alcoholic beverages.
The reason is that it is based on FABALA’s technology that connects oil and water without intermediaries, so it further brings out the goodness of the ingredients and is full of nutrients.
The results of a company analysis also showed that FABALA’s sprouted brown rice wine has a significantly higher amino acid content compared to general Japanese sake’s. FABALA’s sprouted brown rice wine compared to the amino acid content of Japanese sake is as follows; Alanine (alanine aminotransferase) is 17.5 times higher, glutamate is 11.1 times higher, and other amino acids and essential amino acids also have a considerable higher content (brewery manufacturer survey)

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