100g 1,100JPY(tax included)


Radiant skin soap

Soap that leaves your skin feeling well moisturized.
It feels refreshing and it leaves the natural moisture after washing.
Soap that feels just right. Ingredients that support moisturizing of the skin is FABALAʼs sprouted brown rice koji.
(It contains saccharomyces-sprouted rice fermented liquid)
It can be used not only for washing your face but also for your body.
Suitable for sensitive skin types.



Recommended for men also FABALA SOAP is recommended for men because of its fine and silky bubbles.
The soap lathers quickly, so it is easy to use.

For sports after care

marine sports & fitness

Clean after washing! But it’s not tight!
In addition to daily bath time, after sports and training, etc.
If you sweat, you want to freshen up with a shower. However, I am worried about the burden on my skin if I wash my face and body many times.

FABALA SOAP removes dirt with fine bubbles. Leaves moisture on the skin.

Soap that can be used by people with sensitive skin will not get tight no matter how many times you wash it.

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