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Sono un barista Caffè Borsa

Rich flavored teabag coffee

Our patent brings out the real coffee taste
and flavor, our coffee is neither strong nor
bitter, but a milder taste.
A tea-bag type coffee that anyone can easily make and enjoy the authentic taste of drip coffee.
Buyers and tasters asked us if our coffee
contains sugar, of course our coffee doesnʼt,
it is the ʻrealʼ taste of coffee including nutrition.

The robust, strong, and rich coffee contains all features of a genuine cup of drip coffee but can be prepared in a breeze.
Even after roasting, the product retains the fresh aroma and flavor of raw beans.
FABALA’s technology realizes the roasting method, through which the features of raw beans are kept intact.
The absence of oiliness in the coffee quickly quenches thirst and feels smooth in your throat.
Enjoy the perfectly balanced flavor for grownups.


Café Borsa is like a cup of coffee brewed from raw beans.
The brew in the mug looks distinctly green around the rim. It also has the sweet aroma of raw beans.
In other words, the brew, made of roasted beans, has the flavor of raw coffee. The drink does not have any distinct aroma of roasted beans. FABALA’s technology enables this.


Allow the sophisticated flavor and aroma to immerse you in a gorgeous coffee break at home.
It does not just complement bread. It goes well with rice balls, too.
You can enjoy the flavor even if you are not big on coffee, as it does not strike your taste buds or linger in your mouth.

Recommend for outdoor & sports

Coffee time at camp

When camping, breakfast outside is exceptional with freshly baked bread and FABALA’s freshly brewed coffee.
Savor this time together. At night, it’s a relaxing time to drink while sitting by the bonfire.

Mountain climbing

Recommended for hydration during climbing.
Coffee that moistens the throat, but still with a delicious bitterness, aroma and sweetness.
It’s a well-balanced coffee, so it’s delicious to drink.


A coffee that can be drunk like water for hydration during sports.
It moistens the throat and gradually warms up your cold body at the sea or in the snowy mountains.

Pour some more boiled water to fill the cup and give gentle tugs to the
string attached to the bag for several times.
The tasty brew is ready to serve!

<Want to know more? Here is a (secret) tip to enjoy new flavors>
Discover fresh aroma of raw beans and double flavors.
For the first brew, shake the teabag for 5 – 6 times.
The mild, tea-like flavor smoothly goes down your throat.
For the second brew, place the teabag at the bottom of the cup and brew well before pouring hot water.
Vertically shake the teabag well.
Relax and enjoy the rich aroma and flavor.

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