3,240JPY (tax included)

Sprouted brown rice koji stick

Lack concentration?
Use these sticks

Coarse powder made of germinated brown rice and the
koji malt of germinated brown rice tastes natural and is
easy to digest!
Recharge quickly in a breeze with this flavorful
germinated brown rice koji malt stick!


●As meal supplement
●To intensify concentration when preparing documents
●When traveling on a business trip
●As a snack when studying for exam
●To supplement late-night snack when working overtime
●To maintain nutritional balance during business trip
●When eating outside a lot
●When returning home late at night


The koji malt made from unshaven germinated brown rice retains all of the wholesome nutrition.

How to use Sprouted brown rice koji stick



When you go out on business trips or traveling.
Because it is a stick type it is convenient to carry!
Body care on the day of continued dining out on business trips!
Even before meals and after meals!
Before drinking, even after drinking. It is okay to drink with alcohol.
I have not had the pain of the next day after drinking too much!
A refreshing morning to you.
To increase concentration before negotiations.
When playing golf.
Increase your focus with the power of essential amino acids.

<How to eat recommended>
◇Into yogurt.
◇Into salad.
◇Along with coffee after meals.