500g 1,447JPY(tax included)

FABALA sugar.

Sweetness without lingering aftertaste

“FABALA sugar.” is not only sweet! This is the taste of true sugar!
The sweetness is different because it is not too sugary but just right. Because it tastes of sugar.
Sweetness which soft and delicate sweetness never get bored. Sweetness spreads in the mouth and disappears smoothly. In desserts, the first bite and the last bite are unchanged Equal and delicate sweetness. You can taste the same taste as the first bite until the end.
“FABALA sugar.” is a sweetness that makes use of the taste of the material, so the balance of the taste of the whole dish will be better.


As it quickly dissolves in cold liquid, you can add it in iced coffee and tea.
Sprinkle it on a plate of fruits to turn it into a delicious desert dish!

It is also recommended when making sweets.