400g 1,620JPY(tax included)

FABALA sugar.

Cotton candy textured sugar

Will be a more delicate, richer and sweeter taste.

Sweetness is not everything about sugar!

Experience the genuine sugar flavor!

The unique quality of sweetness comes from its balance – it is not excessively sweet.

It comes from the authentic flavor of sugar.

Gentle, delicate sweetness never becomes too much.

It quickly spreads in the mouth and quickly fades away.

In a dessert, the sweetness remains just the same from the first bite to the last bite.

Until the last spoonful, you can enjoy the same deliciousness.

Like “Shio-no-mi (Flavor of Salt)”, the seasoning does not ruin the flavors in a dish.

It boosts the overall flavor balance.


As it quickly melts in cold liquid, you can enjoy it in iced coffee and tea.

Sprinkle it on fruits to transform them into a luxury dessert♪

It is also recommended when making sweets.

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