2,954JPY(tax included)


Original and breathable T-shirts for all

Uses elastic textile.
Quick absorption and quick dry features allow it dry quicker than cotton.
The snug silhouette looks great with pants
Stretch ink is used for printing

※ sunglasses, jackets, glasses, pants, it is the personal belongings of staff




We tend to wear simple and plain-clothes during summer season.
It is a good match for patterned pants and skirts as well as jeans.
The gentle pink color will brighten up your outfit.
It is smooth and comfortable to wear.
It is also recommended to wear as an inner layer in autumn and winter.

Recommend for outdoor & sports


A smooth and comfortable T-shirt
It’s easy to move around, so it’s perfect for the outdoors! It is comfortable even if it touches the skin directly as an inner layer.

marine sports

A T-shirt made of a material that dries easily is useful for marine sports.
You can enjoy both fashion and comfort with stylish T-shirts.


Training and sports with a stretchy T-shirt that is easy to move. Recommended when it feels warm when worn as an inner layer in winter. I feel cool in the summer as the wind blows. Colors can be used regardless of the season. It’s comfortable to wear, so it’s a T-shirt you’ll want to wear all year round.

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