450g 822JPY(tax included)

Yubikkiri genmai
(brown rice)

Easy to eat brown rice

Are you happy to “endure” brown rice as a healthier alternative?
Change the concept of “brown rice flavor”!
Try this brown rice, tasting like white rice.
Like its white counterpart, it is soft, sweet, and delicious.
You never get tired of eating it every day.
Normally, brown rice requires a half to a full day of preparation just to be soaked in water, but the product only requires five minutes.
Delicious rice is ready after a quick soaking.
Enjoy brown rice effortlessly even on a busy weekday!
Add 10cc more than usual for each cup.


Produce of Fukuoka, Japan


It goes great with curry!
The product deliciously fills your stomach many hours with just a moderate portion.