300ml 6,050JPY(tax included)


Daiginjyo’s taste!
Just shaved 15%!

Modern sake brewing produces clean flavors through heavily polishing the rice grains. However, FABALA’s technology, polishes a mere 15%, yet produces a sake with a delicate flavor!



Sake(Rice wine)

alcohol content : 17%~18%

Sake metre value (SMV) : +6.5

Acidity : 1.4

Amino acidity : 0.7

Rice-polishing ratio : 85%

Ingredients : rice(Okayama prefecture,Japan),
rice Koji(Okayama prefecture,Japan)

Net Contents : 300ml



Non-chemical, Non-tool – FABALA’s liquor does not cause hangover The cause of hangover is said to be “insufficient oxygen”.
Ordinary alcoholic beverages, containing no oxygen, cause the hangover symptom if taken in excess.
FABALA’s liquors do not leave any alcoholic smell or cause hangover.
This is because of our patented technology to “combine oil and water without intermediates”, which forms the base of FABALA’s alcoholic beverages.
The use of technology may allow oxygen content in FABALA’s liquors.